225 Years in Hell - The Conversion of a Rogue Financier

225 Years in Hell

The Conversion of a Rogue Financier

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For 53 years and 153 days Florian Homm was a free man. Now the FBI wants to imprison him and lock him away for nine life sentences or 225 years in prison. For decades Florian Homm, the 6.7 ft. giant was one of Europe’s most prominent and aggressive raiders, short sellers, investment bankers and hedge fund managers. Hunted by Interpol and Italy’s elite crime squad on the FBI’s instructions, Homm is arrested in front of his family in the world famous Uffizi Art galleries in Florence, Italy. The showdown has begun. He is taken to Florence’s ‘Sollicciano’ prison, one of the worst, most violent and most overcrowded prisons in Europe. The American Justice Department and the Swiss prosecutors are the spin doctors in this real world drama. The FBI wants to arraign and convict him for security fraud and price manipulation charges. If found guilty, he will surely die in an American maximum-security prison.
Homm’s reputation in business is tough. He has held stakes in night clubs, bordellos and table dancing ventures. He once worked as a prison counselor at the notorious Walpole Maximum Security prison while attending Harvard College. He barely survived an assassination attempt in Caracas, Venezuela in 2006. But is he hard enough or prepared for the abuse and torture he will face by sociopathic, sadistic guards, violent and mentally deranged felons, and corrupt prison officials? Homm finds himself in a pool of very dangerous men: extortionists, contract killers and organized crime bosses. Self-mutilation, fights, suicide attempts and drug abuse are pervasive among the prison population.
Homm faces off in this battle against seemingly omnipotent oppressors and pathetic odds. No one has ever beaten extradition from Italy to the United Sates of America. Left alone by almost all of his friends and family, while suffering from progressive chronic multiple sclerosis, Homm mounts the defense of his life. He finds faith and Mary, the Mother of God, are his greatest allies against the unified forces of the CIA, FBI, Interpol and the Swiss government. Desperate to stay alive, he forms allegiances with some of the most vicious people imaginable.
225 years in Hell, the thrilling and long-awaited sequel to Homm’s bestselling autobiography “Rogue Financier,” has finally arrived.

Über Florian Homm

Florian Homm
Florian Homm ist Deutschlands bekanntester ehemaliger Hedgefondsmanager. Er verfügt über jahrzehntelange Erfahrung als Hedgefondsmanager, Unternehmer und Investment Banker. Homm arbeitete unter anderem bei Merrill Lynch, Fidelity, Tweedy, Browne, Bank Julius Bär als Analyst, Nostro-Händler und Fondsmanager bevor er als Finanzunternehmer und Hedgefondsmanager Milliardär wurde.

Homm gehörte auf dem Höhepunkt seiner Karriere mit zu den reichsten Deutschen. Bekannt wurde er für ein breites Publikum durch die erfolgreiche Sanierung von BVB Borussia Dortmund sowie als Bestsellerautor. Zu seinen bekanntesten Büchern zählen u. a. der Spiegel Bestseller Kopf Geld Jagd, Endspiel, Die Kunst des Leerverkaufs und der Manager Magazin Bestseller Erfolg im Crash.



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