Changing Corporate Culture

A Guide for Top Managers

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The Key to Corporate Success

Digitalization and new technologies are transforming society and the economy at a breathtaking pace. And yet, some companies seem to adapt to the changing conditions far better than others. So what is the secret to their success? Peter Fischer sets out to demonstrate that the key lies in corporate culture. After all, it is the people within a company who bear the responsibility for developing new rules and behaviors—in short, for creating nothing less than a company's DNA.

His book lays out seven steps to creating a timely and sustainable corporate culture. Ranging from options for mobilizing staff to ensuring consensus in management—this is how a culture transformation succeeds and how a company becomes fit for the future.

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Über Peter Fischer

Peter Fischer
Dr. Peter Fischer holds degrees in business administration and psychology. He is the managing director of an international consulting firm based in Hamburg, Germany, and has worked for many years as an organizational consultant and management trainer. His bestseller The New Boss was published by Kogan Page in cooperation with Redline.

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