Passion to Wealth - The Mountain Climber's Shortcut

Passion to Wealth

The Mountain Climber's Shortcut

Softcover, 188 Seiten
Erschienen: Januar 2019
ISBN: 978-3-95972-264-3
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How the wheels of the international high finance machine turn is a mystery to most. Surprisingly, also to the big wheels, who don't have the divine knowledge they'd have us think they do, and maybe themselves have come to believe they have. The fact is, precious little is predictable, but also that various simple strategies can give the average person the edge in riding both the high and low waves. No matter if things on the international scene are up, down or sideways, you can make money—good money—by staying cool and just knowing what to do when. Yasin Sebastian Qureshi opens the doors to the once hallowed halls he's rendered less than magical.

At 29 the youngest ever person to run a bank in Europe, Qureshi tells of the constant opposition to his simplfied ideas from those higher up who "knew better"—until his success gave abundant proof that they work. Through simple strategies, psychological tips and anecdotes from the roller coaster ride of investment, Passion to Wealth: The Mountain Climber's Shortcut, co-authored by Benjamin Bilski (Forbes "30 under 30"), shows how this can be mastered—without huge financial input, years of study or painful hours trying to decipher mind-boggling charts. And with an eye on doing what you enjoy doing in life, without selling your soul. Play, communicate, grow, enjoy. Your passion can indeed drive your wealth, and your wealth, in turn, can drive your passion.

This little book will show you how.

Über Yasin Sebastian Qureshi

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi
Yasin Sebastian Qureshi is a banking and finance professional who has been in the business for a long time. He was the youngest person in Europe ever to have obtained a banking license, and subsequently founded and ran his own investment bank successfully going public in 2007. Yasin is an investor in technology start-ups and film and also co-founded the Global Citizen Foundation. He has a strong focus on finance, brokerage, and technology. Indeed, he is a hands-on, passionate entrepreneur aiming to seriously disrupt current financial business structures.

Über Benjamin Bilski

Benjamin Bilski
Benjamin Bilski, a Forbes 30 under 30 Member, is a serial internet entrepreneur. He is the Founder and Executive Director of one of Europe´s fastest growing FinTechs, The NAGA Group AG. The company performed Germany´s most successful IPO 2017 only 21 months after its incorporation and is valued $250 Million on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. He also is one of the key persons behind the NAGA COIN ($100m Market Cap), a digital cryptocurrency for stock and virtual item trading. Benjamin also founded Germany´s leading Online-Shop for Fishing & Outdoor equipment, He holds a M.Sc. in Management from EBS University of Business & Law. Benjamin is a is a former German swimming champion and was part of the German National Team in swimming.



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